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Four Reasons You Need Professionals For Water Damage Clean Up

When water damage has occurred in your home either from a flood or natural disaster, you want to have professionals come in for water damage clean up. Many times, people think that it's just water and they can clean it up themselves, but this often leads to serious issues, such as undetected areas that are now growing mold that is extremely harmful to your health. Here are four specific reasons you need professionals:

  1. Water Causes More Damage Than You Think: First of all, water causes more damage to your home than you might think. This is because it so often goes undetected because water seeps into unseen areas, such as under the surface of the carpet, in the walls, and under the floorboards. On top of this, most often you are dealing with contaminated water, especially if the water came from a damaged pipe in your home. This leaves serious health issues to be triggered if it's not cleaned up properly. 
  2. Water is Dirty: Unless the water came into your home filtered, it's going to be dirty. Water from outside is filled with contaminants, such as animal feces, bacteria, viruses, fungi, and more. It leaves behind serious problems for the health of your home, such as direct contact with salmonella and hepatitis, which are all too commonly found when a home has been flooded in any kind of situation. 
  3. Mold Grows Fast: What many homeowners also don't realize is that mold grows really quickly, typically within the first couple of days that your home has been exposed to excess amounts of water. Even if you feel that the water has been dried out, all the moisture left behind under the floorboards, carpet fibers, and in the drywall is going to start growing mold and spread fast. A professional will be able to destroy these spores before it contaminates your home. 
  4. Antibacterial, Antiviral, and Antifungal Agents Applied: Finally, you need professionals simply because they know how to clean up the water damage completely and they apply the antiviral, anti fungal, and antibacterial agents to the home properly so that you are living in a safe home that doesn't have contaminated air. You don't want to have to deal with water damage in your home on top of potentially serious health issues, after all. 

These are just four important reasons to hire professionals, such as from Atlantic Carpet Care, for water damage clean up. Attempting to do so on your own not only puts your home at risk for further damage, but also your family's health.