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Schedule These Activities During Your Day When You Have A Youth Job Shadowing You

A fun way for teenagers to get insight into different career paths that they may wish to eventually pursue is through job shadowing. In this program, often run through high schools, teens get paired up with local business professionals. If you're a real estate agent, you may be approached by a school looking to place a student with you for the day. Doing so is not only good publicity for you, as you'll get recognition at a school assembly, but is also a nice way to give back to the community. When you have a job shadowing date set up, do your best to structure your day so that it provides a solid representation of your varied duties. Here are some activities to try to schedule:

House Showing

If you represent buyers, see if anyone is interested in attending a showing on the day that you'll be taking a local student around with you. Walking through a house with your student and the buyer is an interesting experience that can do an effective job of demonstrating one of your important duties. Talk to your buyer as you normally would, going through the pros and cons of the residence, and allow your student to interject with questions and comments, provided that your buyer has agreed to this in advance.

Home Inspection

A home inspection is one of the more interesting things in the regular duties of a real estate agent, so it's ideal if you can schedule this activity when you have a student job shadowing you. While you aren't the main person during this activity — it's the actual home inspector who is the key contributor here — you play an important role by explaining various things to your buyer, pointing out issues that you notice, and even talking about how various issues will affect your negotiation strategy.

Open House

If you're a selling agent, an open house scheduled for the day you have your local student with you can be interesting. You can talk to the teen about the importance of staging a home before it's put on the market, and perhaps even show him or her some photos of the residence before it was staged. Your student can sit quietly while you greet open house attendees and answer questions, and you can talk to him or her when time allows about what you hope to get out of the activity for your client.