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Travel For Work Frequently? Think About Renting An Apartment In That City

Work-related travel can be fun and interesting, but the drawback to being on the road so often is that you're away from the comforts of home. Even if you enjoy staying in hotels, doing so can eventually lose its appeal. If you do a lot of business travel to the same city, you might wish to think about renting an apartment in that city. Your employer may readily get on board with this idea, which means that you'll be able to get hunting for an apartment that offers you your needed amenities and is close to your office. Here are some reasons that this is a smart move.

It's Cheaper Than Hotels

It doesn't take many nights of travel for a rented apartment to be more cost effective than a hotel — and that's a big reason that your employer will likely sign off on this idea. For example, if you're away 10 nights a month, and stay in a hotel that costs your employer $1700 a night, you're looking at $1,700 a month in accommodation fees. However, if you can find an apartment to rent for perhaps $900 a month, your cost of staying in a home away from home will be considerably less, even after you pay the monthly utilities.

You'll Enjoy More Comfort

While there's nothing wrong with the comforts of many hotels, they seldom feel like home. If you actually rent an apartment in the city that you frequently visit for work, you can make it feel more like home. By buying some furniture that suits you, even if it's secondhand, and loading up a dresser and your cupboard with some clothing, as well as stocking some non-perishable foods in the kitchen cabinets, you'll immediately feel as though you're at home when you walk through your apartment's door.

You'll Deal With Less Hassle

Renting an apartment presents you with less hassle than staying in hotels repeatedly. Booking the hotels, for example, can be time consuming. Additionally, you'll face the regular tasks of checking in and checking out, as well as keeping each of your hotel receipts to file at the end of the month. And, at the end of a long day of work or travel, the last thing you might feel like doing is standing in line and making small talk with the person at the hotel's front desk. When you opt for a rental apartment instead, you'll avoid each of these hassles.

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