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Hiring A Moving Company? Things You Need To Do Before They Get There

Moving your home is a lot of work. You can grab a few friends and do it yourself or hire a moving company. If you decide to hire movers, you will need to decide how much of the job they will be doing. You can save money if you do all the packing yourself and have the professionals load everything into the truck, take it to the new place, and then unload it. This will also allow you time to go through your belongings, getting rid of things you no longer need or want, and perhaps taking your most valuable possessions yourself. However, There are some things you should do before the movers get there to make the experience easier for everyone involved:

Pack Everything

Make sure that everything is packed and ready to go. Trying to pack around the movers is not only difficult, but it can also be dangerous. The movers should not have to try to carry boxes and/or furniture around people trying to fill other boxes. It is a recipe for disaster as the mover trips over someone in the middle of the floor. This is a big problem movers have, and it frustrates them. The only thing you should be doing while the pros are working is answering any questions they may have.

Adjust the Box Loads

Inevitably, there will be a few boxes that get packed with too much. This makes the box very heavy. A few days before the movers come, go through and lift each box, stacking them in a way that keeps a wide pathway through the house. Any box that is too heavy or cumbersome needs to be opened and repacked. It is better to have more boxes that are easier to move, than big, heavy ones.

Keep Parts from Moving

Some furniture is difficult to move because it has moving parts. These parts may swing out or open while being moved, hurting someone or causing someone to trip. It is a good idea to take all drawers out of dressers, desks, or tables to keep them from falling out. This will also make the piece lighter and easier to move. Any doors that cannot be removed should be taped or tied shut. Also, make sure that your sofa bed is not going to fly open during the move. You can use a rope or bungee cord to tie it.

When you take the time to prepare completely for the move, the movers can get the job done much quicker and safer. This will also make them happier and keep them from becoming frustrated. Your move will be less stressful so you will be ready to get on with the unpacking and start setting up your new home.

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