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What to Consider When Purchasing a New Home Surrounded by Trees

If you're looking for a new home to buy or lease out, you may be concerned about many things, including cost and upkeep. Some of the things that may potentially affect the cost and upkeep of your new home over time are trees. If the home you want to buy has many trees surrounding it, it's important to understand how the trees may affect your home in the future. Here are several things to consider when purchasing a home surrounded by trees and what you might do to solve them. 

How Can Trees Affect a Home?

Depending on their size, trees can keep your home cool in the summer and safe from winds in the winter. But as trees grow, they can drop leaves, branches, and other debris on your roof, especially during bad storms. Some of the debris may damage the home's roof by allowing moisture to penetrate its shingles. 

Tree roots can also harm your new home's sewer line if they grow around it. Trees use roots to seek out and find water and nutrients in the soil. Sometimes, tree roots mistake plumbing pipes as sources of water. Roots can crush pipes if they try to obtain water from them. 

If you choose to buy a home surrounded by trees, you can take steps to keep the problems above from happening.

How Do You Keep Trees From Damaging the New Home?

If it's possible, see if you can have the seller trim or cut any tree limbs and branches that hang over the house. You may need to ask a realtor to make the negotiation or request for you. If the seller wishes to sell the property quickly, they may go ahead and honor your request. If the seller doesn't  agree to trim the trees, you may want to hire your own tree contractor to do the work.

Also, have the home's sewer line inspected for tree roots.  A realtor may be able to connect you to plumbing specialists near the home who can examine the line for you. A plumber can send a camera through the line to if it has any damage or infiltration from tree roots. If problems do show up during the inspection, you can take the appropriate steps to repair them.

Purchasing a property with trees can be a great investment if you take the right precautions. If you want to move forward with purchasing your new home, contact a real estate specialist for more details. 

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