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Reasons To Choose An Agent Over A Lawyer When You Buy A House

If you're getting ready to start shopping for a house, you may have people around you suggest that you should skip hiring a real estate agent and just rely on a lawyer to approve the paperwork once you've found a house to buy. On the surface, this approach can work — and, indeed, many people use it. However, while a seasoned real estate veteran may not feel the need to hire an agent, you almost certainly should. Here are some reasons that you should hire a real estate agent instead of just hire a lawyer when you're shopping for a house.

The Agent Will Send You Listings

A lawyer can be an ally when it comes to go through the paperwork required to complete the sale, but you won't get any assistance from this legal professional until then. This means that you'll go through the time-consuming process of looking at online listings, attending open houses, and even driving around different neighborhoods to see what's for sale. With an agent on your side, everything becomes easier. In addition to helping you with the paperwork at the end, the agent will also share listings with you and specifically look for properties that fit your criteria.

The Agent Will Constantly Provide Advice

Partnering with a real estate agent gives you a trusted and experienced ally for the entirety of the process of buying a house. This means that you'll always have someone to whom you can turn for advice, someone who will do the negotiating for you, someone who will advise you when to walk away from a property in which you're interested, and much more. A lawyer won't be of assistance to you until it's time to do the paperwork to complete the sale.

The Agent Will Use A Lawyer Anyway

It's common for real estate agents to turn to legal professionals to finalize purchase agreements. This is helpful to know if you think that you should hire a lawyer, because you might not have known that a lawyer would be involved even if you didn't specifically hire one. The added value of having a realtor working for you is that he or she will deal with the attorney directly, which means that all you'll need to do is sign the purchase agreement when it's time — and your agent can answer any questions that you may have about this important document.