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Selling Your Home? 4 Important Reasons To Partner With A Great Listing Agent

Thanks to the internet and commonly available technology, such as smartphone apps and chatbots, it is far easier for prospective home buyers to get detailed information about homes for sale in the area where they want to live. But this ease of accessibility can lead some sellers to feel that listing their home for sale with a licensed real estate agent may no longer have an advantage for them. If you are preparing to sell your home and share these concerns, here are four important reasons why a great real estate agent should still be part of your home sale process. 

Agents understand nuanced pricing

The web is filled with real estate valuation sites that claim to provide accurate pricing data. Unfortunately, however, the data they provide is usually based on real estate values set by county assessors, which can differ greatly from actual real-time market data. Sellers who want to arrive at the most accurate list price for their home should always depend on an experienced listing agent who can compare current listings and sold information for similar homes in the area and arrive at the best listing price for their home. 

Agents protect their sellers from unqualified buyers

One of the biggest problems faced by sellers who try to sell their home without a real estate agent is trying to determine which buyer prospects are serious about purchasing and which ones are simply wasting time. Listing agents are able to screen buyer prospects to make sure that are financially prepared to purchase a home.  

Agents negotiate in their client's best interest

The negotiation process can be an uncomfortable part of a home sale transaction. When sellers attempt to negotiate directly with interested buyers, it can be difficult to keep emotion from clouding the process. An experienced listing agent, however, will be able to insulate their sellers from direct contact with buyers and other agents, so that important negotiations can be done more effectively. 

Agents facilitate each transaction from offer through closing

Keeping track of the documents, making sure that all conditions are met, and ensuring that responses are made in a timely manner can be extremely difficult for sellers who must also focus on their job, home, and family while selling their home. Sellers who hire an experienced, reputable listing agent, however, will not have to worry about these details because they know their agent will be monitoring and facilitating each step of the sales transaction from beginning to end. 

Prospective sellers who want to know even more ways in which a great listing agent can benefit them should consider sitting down with some top agents in their area to discuss their upcoming home sale.