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Love Water And Want To Build A New Home? 3 Tips On Buying A Waterfront Property

If you love water and you want to build a new home, you should consider purchasing waterfront property. This allows you to live in a beautiful home and walk out your front door and see water. Before you buy the property, there are many things you need to look for, three of which are listed below. This will allow you to enjoy your home and waterfront property for many years.

Hire a Land Surveyor

You need to do a thorough inspection of the waterfront property. This is because you need to ensure the land is right to build a home on. You can do this by hiring a land surveyor. They can check the easement of the land. They will also check the grade so you know how water will flow on your land if you have any type of flooding. The surveyor will check the elevation of the land. They can test the water tested to ensure it is healthy.

When the surveyor is finished they will provide you with a certificate. You need to keep this just in case you decide to sell your home and property in the future.

Hire the Right Real Estate Agent

When you start looking you should hire a real estate agent. Make sure the agent has experience with waterfront properties, however. This is important as they will know what to look for and there may be properties that have already been surveyed. If not, the real estate agent will know who you can hire to give them the answers they need.

The real estate agent can also help you with the land title, as well as permits you need to build your home on the property. If the agent is not able to help you go through the process of purchasing the land they will get you in touch with someone that can.

Determine What You Can Do with Your Waterfront Property

If you plan to make changes to your property, such as building a new deck or building a seawall to protect your home, you need to determine if you can do this. There may be insurance restrictions on what you can do even though you own the property.

Some areas also have restrictions on the type of watercraft that can be used on the water, such as speed boats and jet skis. Talk with your real estate agent or a broker if you need help determine what restrictions there may be for your property.

Once you find your property your home should be built to withstand this type of area, such as putting on storm shutters, as well as the choosing the right type of roof for the home.

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