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Three Tips To A Quick Home Sale

So, you've decided to sell your house and now you would like to have it happen quickly. If this is true, then consider the three tips you'll find here:

1: Be prepared for showings.

If you have the option of living elsewhere while you have your home on the market, then this is the easiest way. The realtor can stage it if they want to go this route, and they as well as other realtors can bring people in to view it around the clock without you even knowing.

However, many sellers just don't have this option. They need to sell their home before they can think about putting money toward another place. If you will be living in your home until it sells, then you need to always be ready for a showing so your realtor can bring people by who are anxious to see it, right when they want.

Keep the house cleaned at all times, including making sure your pets areas are always swept and vacuumed. Always be prepared with a tube of cookie dough you can immediately pop in the oven to send out that great scent to greet them the moment they come through the door.

Don't make plans for out-of-town company to camp out in the living room when you know people may show up at any time. Have kennels prepared to put your pets in so they don't scare off those who fear them or who are allergic.

2: Listen to your realtor's advice.

You hired your realtor for a reason: because they know how to sell homes. Therefore, it only makes sense to take their advice. You don't have to fully understand it, but you should at least respect it. Realtors like those at Andy Werner & Associates have training to ensure they know what will sell.

If they suggest for you to make a few changes around the house, make those changes as soon as you can. If they ask for you to remove a bush from the yard that you like the look of, but that lets off a foul odor, remove it.

If they ask for you to invest in new bedspreads and use them from this point on, do it. If they suggest replacing outdated light fixtures, just do it. These little things can make the difference to a buyer's perspective of your home and be that tiny nudge they needed to really throw them over the top and decide to make an offer.

3: Take some initiative.

Yes, your realtor will be working hard at getting your home sold, but this doesn't mean you can't help things along. Take some of the fliers your realtor has made up, and put them places where you think some people may frequent who could be in the market for a new home, such as hardware stores, lender's offices, and even preschool bulletin boards.