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3 Tips for Eradicating a Rat Infestation

Have you recently started hearing shuffling or squeaking noises coming from within your walls? Do you suspect that your home may have been invaded by rats or other rodents? Any rodents that enter your home are bad news, but rats can be especially damaging. Due to being larger, in general, than mice, they can wreak more havoc and gnaw through more things than their smaller cousins. Getting rid of them isn't always going to be an easy task, but there are definitely things that can make this chore a little bit less difficult. Some things you can do include:

Clean out your pantry and/or kitchen cabinets: Rats can chew through practically anything, including cardboard and some plastics. They may not be able to chew through a plastic jar of peanut butter, but that is unlikely stop them from trying if they smell peanut butter on the lid. The only things that they cannot chew through are glass and plastic, but you should still take all cans and jars out of your cabinets or pantry and put them into plastic totes for storage. This will keep any rats from urinating or defecating on the cans and jars, helping to prevent you and your family getting any diseases from the rats.

Call in a professional: Rats are smart and can be very picky when it comes to food. This is why you need to enlist the help of one of your local rat control services. Although it may seem like rats will eat anything and everything, the truth is that any single rat may only nibble here and there, grazing on a wide variety of foods. Rats in different areas of the country may be attracted to slightly different foods. This makes them extremely difficult for the average person to poison or to trap. Your local rat control services are going to be aware of what is best going to eliminate the rats in your home, saving you a lot of time and frustration in the process.

Seal the cracks: Although rats can gnaw through wood and, sometimes, will even chew through metal mesh in order to get to a particularly desirable location, blocking their preferred routes in and out of your home can do a lot to keep the rats from entering or from coming back. Your rat control services professional can point out potential entry points into your home. You can then do things like stuff these with steel wool, cover them with wire mesh, and cover everything over with foam or wood or else hire someone to do this for you. This will help keep all but the most determined rat from getting into your house again.