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The Dos And Don'ts Of Asking Blunt Questions At An Open House

When you are looking for houses for sale, attending open houses can seem like an ideal solution to house hunting. After all, it allows you to see homes up close and personal before you spend any more time considering whether a house would suit you.

Once you arrive at your first open house, however, you may find that the protocol is a little confusing, and you may wonder if you can ask the questions to get the answers you most want to know. Don't worry. Simply follow these dos and don'ts while proceeding to ask all the blunt questions your heart wants answered at the next open house you attend.

Do Keep the Questions Focused on the House Itself

Try to keep your blunt questions focused on the house itself. You may want to know all the details about why the sellers chose a vile pink color for the kitchen wall or why they are leaving the neighborhood. However, the answer to those questions won't ultimately serve your purposes. Also, while you can ask questions about the neighborhood and area, you can also get that basic information from other sources. Try to focus your questions around the house itself.

Don't Ask the Same Questions in Lots of Different Ways

It's okay to rephrase a question once if you feel like you didn't get across what you truly wanted to ask. However, you shouldn't make the home sellers or realtors feel as though they are being relentlessly interrogated. Don't keep rephrasing the question multiple times if you aren't getting the answer you want.

If they simply won't answer the question you present, understand that there's probably a good reason for that, and it may be a red flag. When home sellers won't disclose information that buyers need to know, that's probably because there is something to hide. On the other hand, if your question was very personal and not directly about the house itself, it may just be that they don't want to answer it for private reasons.

Do Be Willing to Walk Away

When you ask blunt questions, not all sellers will respond with enthusiasm. That's okay. If home sellers or real estate agents aren't willing or able to answer questions about the home that's for sale, be willing to walk away. If you want to dare to ask the tough questions because you want to know the details on the home for sale, you also need to be willing to leave an unproductive conversation.

Finally, remember that the home sellers and real estate agents that are present at an open house want to please you. They are having the event specifically to attract home buyers. You are the guest of honor in many ways. As long as you respect what they have to say and follow the requests made at the open house, you should feel free to ask all the questions you have.