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What To Expect When Filing A Water Damage Insurance Claim

If a pipe has burst in your home or the roof has leaked, you may be filing a water damage claim with your homeowners insurance. The water damage claim can help pay for the cost of water removal, water restoration, clean-up, possible mold remediation and the cost to replace any of your belongings, such as furniture, that may have been damaged. If you have never filed one of these claims before, you may be unsure of what you can expect to happen after filing. Here is what typically happens after you file a water insurance claim. 

A Claims Adjuster Will Meet You at Your Home

After you have filed a water damage insurance claim with your homeowners insurance, an insurance adjuster will likely call you and ask you to explain what caused the damage and how extensive the damage is. After that, they will typically schedule an adjuster to meet with you at your home. During the meeting, the adjuster will take a look at the damage and do two different things. First, they will try to determine what caused the leak. If it was poor maintenance, your claim can be denied. Secondly, they will try to determine how much they think it will cost to repair. 

Obtain Work Estimates

After the insurance adjuster has left, you will want to obtain work estimates for hiring a contractor to repair the damage. If the homeowner's insurance company accepts your claim, you want to be ready to go with hiring a contractor. Typically, the adjuster will ask you to submit an estimate from the company you have decided to work with. If the estimate is in line with what they expected during the inspection process, they will typically cut you a check and the work can begin. However, if there is a major discrepancy, the insurance company may have to come view the damage again or meet with your contractor to find out what is driving the cost up. 

The Work Begins

Once the insurance company has approved your claim and the amount of money it is estimated to cost to repair, the repair and restoration process can begin. Be aware that often times, water damage can be hidden, so there is a good possibility the contractor may uncover more damage. Depending on how extensive the damage is, a new bid may need to be sent to the insurance company to increase the amount you get for repairs. 

While it may sound like the process of filing a water damage insurance claim can be slow going, many insurance companies actually act quickly when it comes to these claims. If the water sits for too long, more damage can occur, which increases the amount the repairs and restoration process may cost. Knowing what to expect can help you understand what is normal when you file this type of claim.