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3 Important Features To Add To Your New Home

The process of building new homes is often a great experience, and it allows you to make a lot of personal choices and customizations. If you work with a custom homebuilder, you are essentially the one in charge of the vision, and they will simply be bringing your vision to life. There are some important features that you should consider adding to your home, both to make it more personalized and more functional for you.

A Sink In Your Laundry Room  

While most people realize the importance of a large laundry room and plan for this in their blueprints, what is often not included is a sink. Having a sink in your laundry room can make things much easier for you. You will be able to rinse out your dirty laundry with ease, rather than having to drag your laundry into the kitchen or bathroom. Also, because most laundry rooms are located right off the garage, this sink could be used to wash your hands when you come in from outside. Since cleaning supplies are often stored in laundry rooms as well, using the sink to create mop water and also rinse out your mop can avoid you having to drip water all over.

A Radiant Heating

Something that is becoming increasingly popular is radiant heating. This type of heating system heats paneling in the walls, and then this heat radiates out to the room. Normally the panels are placed on the walls and floors, and can even be placed in the ceiling. A radiant system does an excellent job of heating your home without wasting any of the heat as it travels through a duct system. This can help you to be more energy efficient, which translates into lower heating bills. Also, by choosing to install a radiant heating system in your home initially, you can save a lot of time and money because you won't have to remove any walls, flooring, or old heating systems.

Motion Lights In Closets And Pantries

It can be super frustrating when you have to dig through a dark closet, for what seems like an eternity, to find anything. The same frustrations arise when digging through a dark pantry looking for food. The perfect solution to this problem is to install motion sensor lights in all of these closets and pantries. The motion light will turn on as soon as you open the door and will turn off soon after you close it. This gives you the light that you need when in the closet or pantry, and it also ensures that you don't waste any electricity.