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3 Reasons To Rent A Garage Apartment

If you plan on living alone and you are looking for a place to rent, you have some great options to choose from. However, one option that you may not initially think of is a garage apartment. This is essentially a garage that has been turned into a single room apartment with all of the necessities. Here are three reasons to rent a garage apartment.


If you are looking for an affordable rental, a garage apartment is an excellent option. Most garage apartments are not rented out for very much due to their simplistic features and small size. However, this is what makes it absolutely perfect for someone who wants a livable space that is within their price range. Your deposit also likely won't be too high, since deposits are generally reflective of the amount you pay for rent each month. This means you won't need to have much money in savings, if any at all, before you can pay the deposit and move into the garage apartment. 


If you are someone who likes your own space and privacy, then a garage apartment is perfect for you. There will only be one entrance/exit to the garage apartment, and it will likely be located on the side of the home. This means that you won't have to deal with a lot of unexpected guests because only those who know you live in the apartment will know to come to the side door. Also, because the garage apartment is small, it really can only fit one person comfortably. This means that you will have the garage apartment all to yourself and likely won't have to worry about dealing with roommates. 


Living in a garage apartment means that you are essentially living in a studio or one room apartment. Because everything is located in a single room, minus the enclosure for the bathroom, this creates a very cozy living space. Your bed may double as your couch, making it easy for you to lay down and relax whenever you'd like. Also, because the area is cozy, you don't have to worry too much about finding things to furnish your apartment with. The basics will be just fine and will fill the area perfectly. 

A garage apartment is perfect if you are looking for something that is within your budget, offers a great deal of privacy, and provides a cozy space for you to live.