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Finding The Right Neighborhood And Home For Tech Livestyles

A pretty appearance and a good number of rooms is only part of the house hunting adventure. In addition to looking for proximity to work, schools, and other features, households that depend on technology for work and entertainment need to make sure that their area is serviceable by internet companies and many types of technicians. To understand what you're looking for as a tech-powered worker or someone who needs computer repairs on a regular basis, here are a few house hunting tips details for tech households.

Internet Service And The Neighborhood Challenge

If your internet sucks, life can get annoying. This isn't even first world problems; even in developing countries, being able to lift yourself out of life struggle through the unlimited potential of internet education and communication is a boon. Bad internet also ruins Netflix.

Choosing the right internet service has a lot to do with location, and many people have been getting good service options by luck. A very select number of nerds and people who have been burned by bad internet companies are active in figuring out which actual services they may have in their next home.

Internet companies sometimes have monopolies over entire cities, but sometimes they may own service in specific neighborhoods or overlap with other companies. Having multiple services is good, but being stuck with one company can turn into a nightmare.

If you can't get other services in your home and your Internet Service Provider (ISP) knows it, they have no real incentive to fix problems until your service is so slow and interrupted that you have a reason to sue. Why wait until it's time to lawyer up when you can simply pick up the phone and threaten to move to another company if things don't improve?

Check the address down to the house number and contact every major national internet service if you can't find more than one provider, then ask a real estate agent for information on local service providers.

Tracking Down Service Professionals

A lot of companies want you to send your computer, speakers, television, or other electronics to a service center for repair. This usually means a repair or replacement in a major city nearby, but it could mean going across multiple states or even out of the country.

If you don't have time for long repairs or simply don't have a warranty, you need an area that has a high density of professional technicians. Whether you're okay with tinkerers or would prefer a licensed professional, there are a few ways to increase your chances of being around technology experts.

Look for technical colleges. This doesn't just mean major schools such as Georgia Tech or Caltech; 2-year technical colleges that feed into bigger institutions will have more than enough professors, newly-grads, and alumnus who work in the local tech economy.

Cities and towns with distribution centers for major tech companies such as Google, Microsoft, Samsung, Apple, Acer, or Huawei may also have a population that gets its hands on tech first, and may have a higher number of experts. Contact a real estate agent to discuss available single family homes and communities that can keep your tech life running efficiently.