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Should You Create Your Own Luxury Home Or Buy Someone Else's?

If you have a large budget to play with, you have a lot of leeway in choosing or building your ideal home. But which should you do: look for something that's already on the market, or choose new homes for sale? Consider these pros and cons. 

A Place That's All Your Own

Wouldn't it be nice to be the first person to live in your new home? If you choose to look at new homes for sale, you can buy a place that holds only your memories. You can be sure that everything is brand new and immaculate. If the idea of having a home that is entirely yours and no one else's is appealing, new homes could be the best path for you. 


There is the depreciation factor to consider. Brand new, luxury appliances and features can be very costly. If you buy a home that has already been lived in, the previous homeowner ate the cost of buying features that are completely brand new. As long as these features are still in great condition, they can come to you at a much better "value" rate. Consider what you need in a home and what it would cost to build yourself; then see what prices luxury homeowners are asking for properties that meet your needs. 

New or Custom Features

On the other hand, there is something to be said for having the newest and best of everything in your luxury home. It can cost more to take out appliances or features and replace them with something new. You might have to change the layout, get new plumbing or electrical wiring, or hire someone to excavate and move heavy materials. If you want a custom designed shower or kitchen feature, you might want to start from scratch and look at new homes for sale. 


Something else to think about is whether you can build a new luxury home in an area that appeals to you. The most attractive lots in any town will likely already be built on. So if you need a place with a killer location, you might want to look at luxury homes for sale that are already integrated into the community. 

Either way you go, you can't really lose. Look for a real estate agent that specializes in luxury properties so that you can find the best new homes for sale available to you in either category.