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Why Digital Advertising Is Smarter Than Print Advertising For Real Estate

Traditionally, a real estate agent would prepare advertisements for each of his or her houses for sale and submit them to the local newspaper in the area with the hopes that readers would see the ads and be interested to see the house. While there may still be value in this approach in some instances, you'll generally find that digital marketing is now the way to go. Advertising on social media and on large real estate sites can be significantly more advantageous than doing so through the print medium. Here are some reasons why.

You'll Save Money

When you submit real estate listings to a local newspaper, you pay to have the ad placed in an upcoming edition and, in many cases, you pay a surprising amount of money for doing so. If a house remains on the market week after week, month after month, you may be frustrated with how much you've paid in advertising fees. Digital advertising often has little or no expense associated with it. For example, you can create a Facebook ad that arguably more people will see and it may cost you just a fraction of what you'd spend to place the same ad in the newspaper.

Timing Is Better

In markets with weekly newspapers, there can be issues in the amount of time it takes for your advertisement to get published. These newspapers have weekly deadlines, which means that if you just miss one deadline, you'll have to wait to get your ad in before the next, and this means that a week or more will pass before people can potentially see the listing, which may start to be frustrating for a seller who is extremely motivated. Digital marketing in essentially instant; as soon as you create the listing and upload it, it will be available for people to see.

You Can Quickly Remove Sold Listings

One of the big challenges with traditional print advertising is that you may sell a property or, at least, have it conditionally sold. But people may continue to see the ad in the newspaper that week. This could mean that you'll be fielding calls from interested buyers, only to have to tell them that the house is no longer on the market. When you advertise digitally, you can simply click to remove an ad as soon as the house sells, thus removing any confusion for people who might be interested.