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New Amenities That You May Want in Your Luxury Townhome

If you are looking to purchase a new home to reside in, or an investment property, you may be drawn to luxury townhomes for sale. Many people love luxury townhomes for their high-end feel, close proximity to shopping and restaurants, and standard amenities, such as a pool and spa. However, luxury townhome designers are upping their game and adding new features and amenities for these communities. If you are in the market for a new luxury townhome, here are a few of the newer amenities that you may want to look for in a community. 

Concierge Services

Some luxury townhomes, condos, and even apartments are starting to offer concierge services. The range of services that the concierge at a building can offer varies, but most can sign for mail and packages and deliver these items right to your door when you call. They can also assist with grocery delivery services and prescription delivery services. A concierge can help you with your laundry and dry cleaning and may even be able to arrange for things like maid services and carpet cleaning. 

Meeting Space

More people are working from home or telecommuting part-time than ever before. As such, many luxury townhomes are offering meeting spaces within their community. A meeting space can be a great place to meet potential clients or buyers who you may not necessarily want to invite into your home. If you don't want to host a teleconference while still looking professional, the meeting space can be very useful. If you are considering buying a townhome with meeting space, ask to see the space or drawings of what it will look like to make sure it appeals to you. 

Valet or Driving Services

The final newer amenity that luxury townhomes may offer is valet services or even driving services. Valet services are common in luxury communities in big cities where parking may not be readily available. Some communities are also offering their residents a driving service. Some communities may charge a monthly fee for the driving service while others may offer a limited number of rides per month as part of your HOA fees. 

Purchasing a luxury townhome can make your life easy. Not only will you be living in a luxurious space, but you will also have amenities that you can enjoy or use to take care of tasks for you. When you are looking at luxury townhomes for sale, consider all of the features and amenities to find the one that best fits your needs and desired lifestyle.