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Questions to Ask Before Buying a Property With a Pond

That beautiful piece of rural property you've spotted on the outskirts of town just seems perfect. However, there is one property feature that you're not so sure about: it has a pond. As a buyer, it is important to ask the right questions when you come across real estate with such a unique feature. 

Does the Pond Always Stay Full?

Just because there is a pond present on a piece of property when you view it, it may not always mean that the pond is naturally always present. Some places have areas that naturally pool with water after periods of heavy rain or at certain times of the year, but the water will quickly drain out. Even ponds that stay full most of the time may have lower water levels during dry seasons. In any case, it will be helpful to know what to expect as a property owner. 

Is There Life in the Pond?

There are certain critters to be expected when there is a pond present. For example, you may expect to see things like frogs and turtles. However, some people keep the ponds on their property stocked with fish, which is something that is nice to know if you are buying a piece of property that has a pond. Not only will you have to consider that some ponds need maintenance to stay healthy for the fish in them, but it is also helpful to know if you can fish in the pond or feed the fish that are in it. 

Has the Pond Ever Caused a Flood on the Property?

Ponds on a property can overflow with a lot of rain so, as a prospective buyer, you will need to ask if the pond has ever caused issues with flooding on the property. This is especially important if there is a house located either downhill from the pond or near it. Plus, knowing if the pond has ever flooded will help you speculate whether or not you will need additional flood insurance if you do buy the property. 

Is the Pond Connected to a Well Reserve?

Sometimes ponds are specifically in place to capture overflow water coming from a well. If this is the case, this is definitely something that you will need to know. You will want to know the exact location of the well, what kind of pumping mechanism is in use, and if the water is safe for use by your household. 

If your real estate agent has shown you a property with a pond on it, take these things into consideration before moving forward with the purchase.