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Working With An HOA And Understanding The Need For Them

The HOA, or homeowners association, in your neighborhood can have a lot of rules and guidelines for the property, but there are some reasons for these rules. If you understand the purpose of the HOA, it might make it easier to work with them and understand why they enforce the rules as strictly as they often do.

Property Values

One of the most important things the homeowners association does in your neighborhood is to keep property values high. The rules that they enforce are intended to do that by keeping the properties in the neighborhood looking good and making the neighborhood a place people are happy to live in.

If your neighbor is stacking scrap metal up outside his house, it is going to take away from the value of your home as well as his because it makes that part of the neighborhood look bad.

The curb appeal of the homes in the neighborhood contributes to everyone's property value, not just the house that doesn't look very nice. 

Settling Grievances

Another function of the HOA in most areas is to help settle grievances between neighbors or groups of neighbors. If you feel something your neighbor is doing is detracting from the neighborhood or from your block, you can go to the HOA and ask them to get involved. They will evaluate the situation, and if there is cause, they can force the property owner to change the situation.

If it is something they are doing and shouldn't be, the HOA can issue a cease and desist.  Or, maybe it is something that the homeowner should be doing, like cutting the grass and trimming the hedges. The HOA can force them to do that as well.

In those cases, if the homeowner does not comply with the rules of the HOA, they can levy a fine on them, and some HOA fines are pretty steep. 

Amenities and Community Events

Another thing that many HOA's do for the residents in a community is plan events like cookouts, family days, and movie nights. They work to bring the community together in positive ways as well as enforcing rules. The HOA is also the group that pushes for more amenities for a neighborhood or community, as well as keeping the ones you already have updated and usable.

The community pool is a good example. If you have a pool in the community, but it is in disrepair, the HOA will work with the developer to resolve the issues and get things fixed for the good of the community. 

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