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Single-Family Condos: An Introduction To The Hybrid Condo

For the longest time, people looking to buy a place (usually in an urban area) had the choice between a condominium or a single-family home. However, a new player has stepped up as an option that combines the best of both of these options: the single-family condo. Single-family condos are often referred to as detached condos because these are detached like a single-family home but often have the same perks and features that a traditional condo has to offer. Take a look at some of the things you should know about these unique properties if you are scouting for your next family home in an urban location. 

Single-family condos may provide you with on-site amenities. 

When you buy a single-family home, you are basically getting the house and property and that's it. However, most condos come with certain amenities in the neighborhood. The hybrid condo may still be part of a homeowners association, so the neighborhood may actually have things like an on-site fitness center, a swimming pool, or a community room that can be used for special events. Of course, just like it is with traditional condos, the amenities can vary from one property to the next. 

Single-family condos often don't have the same vertical appearance as a typical condo. 

When you hear about a condo for sale, you probably conjure up an image in your head of a row of structures, wall to wall, that have a vertical stature and setup. However, if you are going for a single-family hybrid condo, the way the structure is designed can be much different. These properties can have a range of styles and floorplans. They may or may not have multiple stories, and many look no different than any other single-family home. The detached design on a separate lot allows for the homes to be pretty much any design in spite of holding that "condo" designation. 

Single-family condos may not require any property maintenance. 

Property maintenance is just one of those things that go along with buying a home most of the time. One thing that has always made condos look more attractive is the fact that property maintenance is included. Most condos come along with landscaping services provided, an on-site maintenance team to tackle problems within the unit, and more. When you buy a single-family condo, you may be getting your own private lot, but you will probably also get some of that maintenance included.