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Buying Cheap Undeveloped Land For Your Dreams Of Homestead Living

Homesteading is all about taking a step back into a simpler way to live and thrive, and there are a lot of people seeking this kind of life. Some undeveloped land tracts for sale seem like they would be perfectly suited for this purpose, and you may find these properties at an affordable price. Here are a few things to find out before you buy. 

Does the property have access to water?

Water is a vital thing to have on your homestead. Some country properties for sale may already have a well on-site, but if a piece of land is advertised as undeveloped, it is possible there is no water access already implemented. Find out about local aquifers are nearby and how deep you would have to drill to get to water for a well if you purchase the property. 

How far will you travel from the nearest town to reach the property?

It is not hard to find undeveloped land for sale in most states in the country. However, if the land is undeveloped, it can also mean that it is a bit harder to access than usual. As a prospective homesteader, it may not be important to you if you have a road that takes you from your property to a nearby town. But this is something to find out. It is not uncommon to find cheap land tracts that require several miles of dirt-road travel to get to. 

Can you build on the property without a permit?

Obtaining a permit to build a structure in some states is not that difficult. However, there can be some areas where permits to build can take a long time to get approved. It is good to find out if the land you've found for sale is going to require you to get a permit or if you can build on the property freely. 

How much are property taxes going to be annually?

You may be able to purchase the land for cheap, but you also have to consider that property taxes are determined according to the property's value and not what it sells for at the time of purchase. Therefore, make sure you find out what the annual property taxes are for the property. If you are moving to a homestead to live a less expensive life, you will want to know what to anticipate when it comes to annual costs. 

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