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Should You Purchase Renter's Insurance When Renting An Apartment?

There are landlords that require that all tenants purchase renter's insurance policies when moving into their apartments for rent, but there are also landlords that allow this to be an optional choice. If you are renting an apartment and have the option of purchasing renter's insurance, you should buy a policy, even though it is not mandatory. Having renter's insuranc

Buying Corporate Housing Could Save Your Business Money

Businesses frequently need their employees to travel to other locations. Sometimes, it is a branch in another city; other times it may be to conduct business with prospective clients or business partners. For brief business trips, employees are typically booked a hotel room. While a stint in a hotel room is fine for short trips, it may not be suitable for long-term as

3 Things To Consider Before You Purchase A Disney Timeshare

For many, a timeshare can seem like the perfect way to vacation on a regular basis without incurring the expense and hassle of a dedicated vacation home. And if you and your loved ones are Disney aficionados, purchasing a Disney timeshare can seem the best option to avoid peak pricing and lack of available hotel rooms. But because timeshares can require a significant

Tips for Writing a Purchase Offer in a Hot Home Sales Market

When there are a limited number of homes for sale in an area and lots of buyers vying for them, it is said the home sales market is "hot". If you want to purchase a home in a hot market, then there are special things you can do to ensure your offer isn't passed up for a better one, including following these tips. Write a Clean and Straightforward Offer When you sit do

Should You Hire A Property Management Company? It Depends On A Few Factors

It's possible that you may have been thinking about hiring a property management company for a while but aren't completely sure if that's the right direction you want to take for your business. Property management companies are a great help to busy landlords and property owners because they collect the rent, do the maintenance and repairs to the property, and vet pros